Thanks for taking a second to help me out with Insight Podcast - this shouldn't take long.
Let's go!
Do you listen, or have you ever listened to Insight Podcast?

If you DO NOT listen any more, why?

I won't be offended, and when you've answered you can pretty much scroll to the bottom and submit the form.

If you DO listen, then ignore this question and go to the next one :)
How do you get the latest Insight Podcast?

How and where do you listen to Insight Podcast?

Do you listen to the whole thing at once?

If you don't listen to the whole thing at once, how long do you listen before you have to skip, turn off or stop listening?

And again, if you don't listen all at once, do you ever return to the show and continue where you left off?

What sort of music do you prefer on the podcast?

Do you ever check the tracklists, or make a note of tracks?

Is there anything you'd like to hear more of on the podcast?

Is there anything you'd like to hear less of on the podcast?

Anything else you'd like to add, tell me, request or mention about Insight Podcast?

Would you ever consider contributing to Insight Podcast via Patreon?

Please be honest, I'm not going to mind if you say no - I'd rather you were honest, and I found out why. You won't offend me! :)
If you wouldn't contribute to Insight via Patreon, can you tell me why not?

I totally get it if you don't think it's worth it, or there's not enough quality content - whatever your reasons, I'd love to know what they were - I won't be offended or upset, just be as honest as you can.
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